Meet our city

Welcome to Paks! Our town awaits you with a lot of sights, points of interests and leisure services!

Visitor Centre of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant (6.6 km)

The only nuclear facility of industrial scale in Hungary has been operating with the attitude of openness since the beginnings. In this spirit, it opened its visitor centre which you can enter without any booking in advance. The exhibition in the building focuses on the human and nature and aims at demonstrating the place of nuclear energy in our everyday life. Visitors over 16 can see the nuclear reactors, the control room and the turbines from glazed corridors.

Fadd Dombori (26km)

The 12 km long oxbow lake of the Danube river is the domain of silence and peace, and is an ideal place for those who seek calm relaxation. It is perfect for the lovers of water sports as well, the competition course of the oxbow lake has already hosted several international competitions. This holiday resort has many well-equipped beaches with tennis, football, handball, basketball and strand volleyball courts, making it a great choice for people looking for an active holiday. This area is perfect for longer kayak and canoe trips. The oxbow lake is a real heaven for fishing fans, for Dombori is known for its huge catfish.

Lussonium – Roman fortress (5.4 km)

The Danube river was the border for the Roman Empire, and its conquering forces built their defence system along it by the end of the 1st century. It was the so-called limes, which was a chain of forts and guard towers. Lussonium, the castrum built on the Bottyán Rampart in Dunakömlőd was one of them.
 2003 saw the restoration of the south gate of the Roman fort, the barracks located to the north from it and the fort of the late Roman period, which created the first Roman ruins garden of Tolna county.

Paks Gallery (800 m)

The nationwide known gallery of European standard, together with its notable collection of contemporary artworks is the pride of the town. The exhibition location is also a grand Visual Experimenting Art House, an Art School and Artists’ House. It has been a Museum with nationwide collection activities since 2010. Its collection consists of 1,500 artworks which it uses to organise annual exhibitions around a specific topic.

Paks City Museum (850 m)

The City Museum keeps and shows the archeological, historical, folklore and creative arts relics of Paks. The relics of the Roman Lussonium is put special emphasis on. The lapidary created in the 18th century cellar offers the visitor a voyage from the Roman ages, i.e. the 3rd century, to the 19th century. The permanent exhibition with the title “The history of Paks from prehistoric times to the 20th century” presents the local history, showcasing the material and written relics of the city. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, the main building regularly hosts temporary exhibitions as well.

Paks Ice Skating Rink

The open-air ice skating rink can be a treat to those who do not like closed rinks with their neon lighting. Skating either in the winter sunshine or in the snowfall can be really great. The ice skating rink opens in December and is kept open until the end of February.

Paks Training Pool (650 m)

The covered swimming pool is open to sports people during wintertime. The swimming pool is 25 metres long and has 4 lanes. Swimming education, therapeutic swimming and the gym are available during opening hours. In summertime, it is the pools of the city pool complex that offer refreshment to visitors of the city.

Puszta Riding Court and Guesthouse (9 km)

Cseresznyéspuszta is located along the border of the 7,500 hectares large “Délmezőföld” Landscape Area, the Danube-Drava National Park. With its 62 hectares, the Puszta Riding Court and Guesthouse offering special experience hides in this area of unmatched beauty, in the middle of forests and fields.

Sárgödör Cellar Row (800 m)

The pearl and landmark of Paks, the atmospheric venue for community events has been renovated at last. The front of the wine cottages is as it originally used to be. This tight row of cottages creates a friendly atmosphere while the spacious square covered with green shrubs and colourful flowers sets the scene for shared merriment and joy.

Church of the Holy Spirit (1.4 km)

The church offers a special spectacle from every view. The entrance is guarded by two angles, one of them is the Angel of Light, the other one is the Angel of Darkness. One can enter the nave passing between the feet of the tower. The inside of the church is lit by a special, heart shaped skylight, and the baptismal fonts stand hidden in yurts, embraced by a bent structure of warm-coloured wood. This space also makes one feel being surrounded with the ribs of the human chest, where the altar made of white stone stands at the place of the heart, and behind it, the resurrecting Christ going to heaven is accompanied by two angels.

City Pool Complex

The swimming, adventure and kids’ pools located in the city pool complex have water-circulation technology. The direct surrounding of the pools is either tiled or covered with artificial grass, the resting area of the pool complex is covered with real grass and is made for sports. At the pool complex, various caterers (buffets, ice cream stand, etc.) await the guests.